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Inspection Robotics – FAST Platform

Leading Edge Mobile Robotic Platform

We are proud to introduce the FAST Platform – robotic inspection technology you can rely on. With ever increasing requirements for inspection it becomes crucial to have access to reliable, fast and safe inspection services. More than ever asset owners, site operators and equipment manufacturers are under huge pressure to reduce downtime and further optimise health and safety conditions of their assets.

The FAST robotic platform was developed in close collaboration with asset owners and inspection service providers in Oil&Gas and Power Generation to meet your specific needs. Leading edge mobile robotic technology was translated into a robust and field service proven robotic solution, providing unmatched repeatability and keeping operators safe with a remote operating system.


Intrudoction video



  • Light weight and handy to install on surface
  • Easy and reliable to operate
  • Fast inspection
  • High accuracy data acquisition and processing
  • Wide range of available options for various applications
  • Can be fully customised according to your requirements


Key features

  • NDT Integrated according your needs (e.g. UT, Phased Array, Eddy Current, Visual)
  • Cleaning tool options available for more possible applications
  • Online measurement data monitoring
  • Electronic slippage control
  • Automatic positioning
  • Easily programmable scan patterns
  • Compact packaging for easy transportation
  • Easy assembly and configuration


High flexibility

Whether you are looking at NDT applications such as Ultrasonics/Eddy Current or you want to perform visual inspection – with the modular FAST platform you have an all-in-one system. The change from one application to another is done in less than a minute.


Unmatched precision & repeatability

Automated driving combined with active slippage control (ASC) provides precise position control all the time – every time. This is ideal for monitoring applications where repeatability and accuracy counts.


Lightweight with minimum System Height

With an system height below 15cm the system can access areas that are impossible to access by operators. Obstacles in tanks and pipes are not an issue any more.
The weight of the full system is below 14kg, meaning it can be easily deployed and hand-carried by one operator.


Field service proven reliability

Numerous site inspections and closed feedback loops with our lead customers led to a robust and trustworthy design of the FAST system. Reliable after sales services and low maintenance efforts complete the package.


Available Options

FAST Ultrasonic Kit

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) is used to measure wall thickness and inspect for other defects. With the FAST platform you can choose to have Phased Array (PA), a fully integrated UT wall thickness measurement on-board solution or bring your own device and integrate it.

FAST Camera Kit(s)

Our on-board camera systems can be used for different purposes. A very common application is remote visual inspection of pipes, drums and vessels. Our integrated image processing software allows features like automated weld and contour following.

FAST Eddy Current Kit

Eddy Current testing (ET) is a NDT method used mainly for surface inspections. Combining multiple Eddy Current sensors (ET array) will allow for inspection of wider areas in one pass and weld seams which dramatically reduces inspection time. ET can also be used for material sorting and measuring coating layer thickness.

FAST Cleaning Kit

Equipped with the inspection robotics cleaning kit the FAST platform turns into an fully functional cleaning crawler.

Systems Overview

The FAST Platform is available in two basic configurations:

FAST Pipe and Drum

The main application for the FAST pipe and drum platform are automated NDT inspections such as Ultrasonics (Conventional, Phased Array, TOFD) and Eddy Current. With the unique arrangement of motors, encoders and customized probe holders the system is very precise, guiding the probes exactly to the area of interest. Strong magnetic wheels and high performance controllers with integrated slippage control will keep the robot on track.

Main Applications & Features

  • UT weld inspections (Phased Array, TOFD)
  • Corrosion measurement & mapping
  • Eddy Current surface inspections
  • Fully automated, no guiding belt required

FAST Vessel

The FAST vessel platform is the even more maneuverable system with additional degrees of freedom. It is mainly designed to clean and/or inspect inner structures of vessels. Flexible hinges allow the robot to pass obstacles such as weld seams and to drive on uneven surfaces. Main application are usual cleaning tasks inside vessels, visual inspections, Ultrasonics and Eddy Current Testing.

Main Applications & Features

  • Visual Inspection
  • Vessel Cleaning and Hazard monitoring
  • Corrosion and Erosion monitoring
  • Automated Operation

Tailored Solutions

You name it – we make it

No matter if you want to use your existing NDT equipment or go for a new fully integrated inspection system. With the FAST platform can we adapt and tailor any system for the application you need. The trick is that the robotics unit and the NDT unit are completely independent. This results in a high preparedness and gives you the crucial advantage for future inspections.


Technical Specifications

Fast Pipe and Drum

Dimensions (L x W x H)340 mm x 350 mm x 130 mm (basic set)
Weight8.1 kg
Speed120 mm/sec fully adjustable
Drive Units3 integrated drives with brushless 48V DC motors
Power Supply100-240VAC, 50/60Hz or 48V DC, max. 200W
Accuracy (Repeatability)0.1% (1mm deviation on 1m scan path)
Encoder Resolution10 counts/mm - more on request
Protection ClassIP67
Motor ControllerInspection Robotics motor controller with integrated Active Slipping Control (ASC)
CommunicationIntegrated Gigabit Ethernet


Fast Vessel

(In addition to the FAST Pipe and Drum Data)

Min. Inner Vessel Diameter1800 mm


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