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Tank Floor Robot

Alstom Tank Floor Robot

Tank Floor Robot

ALSTOM Inspection Robotics’ tank floor robot allows precise corrosion mapping and flaw detection of ferrite floors, delivering high resolution scans with high positioning accuracy for improved structural assessments


  • Auto-navigation & positioning
  • Light weight and compact
  • High accuracy data acquisition and processing
  • Immediate accurate wall thickness measurement
  • Remote control from outside the tank
  • Weld crossing capability


Key features

  • Integrated NDT Systems (Ultrasonic / Eddy Current)
  • Additionally compatible with other inspection systems
  • Online measurement data monitoring
  • 3D laser scanner used for navigation


High accuracy scanning

ALSTOM Inspection Robotics’ tank floor robot is designed to perform accurate condition monitoring of coated and uncoated tank floors using AIR modular crawler.

The system continuously deploys Non Destructive Testing Technologies (both Ultrasonics and Eddy Current simultaneously) to scan the required surface, combined with optimized data acquisition software to deliver real-time results to the operator. The software delivers A scans, B scans and C scans, allowing for a full analysis of coating and steel thickness.

The robot’s mechanical design allows successful inspection of most of the floor surface (above 95%, depending on tank geometry) including the circular, as well as areas close to suspending pillars and below obstacles (such as delivery pipes, etc).

After set-up and calibration (below 30 minutes), the system can assess surfaces at speeds of 150mm/sec (around 40m2/hour) by adhering to the surface magnetically. The couplant used for the ultrasonic sensors is continuously fed and recovered within a filtered closed looped cycle; which allows for minimal couplant losses.

The robot unique navigation system uses advanced laser technology in order to provide both accurate positioning and guidance of the system at any time. It allows for the operator to focus on the data to be assessed; sitting either inside or outside the tank.

The lightweight design allows easy transportation and handling of the system, even for a single operator.


Tank Floor Robot Core Data


Input Voltage100-240V AC 50/60Hz to the base, 48V DC to the robot
CouplantAutomatic Supply
Tank20 Liter tank, closed cycle for low consumption



Ultrasonics1-8/16 channels compatible with different sensors for coating & resolution requirements
Eddy Current1-8/16 channels



Umbilical cable50m (other length upon request available)
LaptopReal time data capturing & analysis – A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Scan


Dimensions (Robot)

Size410 x 200 x 410 mm
Weight15 kg


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