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Open Vision CUI RTR

Open VisionTM RTR System

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OpenVisionTM – a lightweight, robust and fast inspection tool for CUI (Corrosion under insulation) and various other applications.

OpenVisionTM is a light weight, live video X-ray imaging system specifically designed for hand-held inspection. It includes a highly sensitive radiographic imager and battery-operated 70kV x-ray tube designed for portable field operation. The proprietary intensified video imaging system captures images and displays them on a handheld LCD viewer, head mounted display, or portable recorder with LCD display in real-time.

Open Vision Full System

This portable system is commonly used for Corrosion Under Insulation inspection. Stripping down the insulation and searching for problem spots is a costly and time-consuming process. The OpenVisionTM OVCF-NDT X-ray system allows you to inspect lengths of pipe work, bends and joints in a matter of minutes, pinpointing any defects without removing the insulation.

Although the main application is CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation), the system suits many other applications as well. As an example, it can be used to inspect the integrity of belt conveyor joints, escalator handrail joints or checking conditions of electrical appliances (connectors, switch boxes etc.).

The system is designed to reduce radiation exposure to a minimum. The radiation area is significant smaller compared to other similar devices, which allows easy operation while keeping safety. The safety features are further enhanced by automatically shutting down the X-Ray source after 1 minute and if the trigger is released. This ensures that there is no exposure to radiation in case of an emergency.

Open Vision Radiation Level Borders

Videos and image captures can be stored using the optional wireless DVR. At any time in the process these files can be downloaded to a PC from the DVR Micro SD card. Storing this data using the DVR saves time and enables video and image archiving.

Technical Data

*1 Applies to optional recorder display only
Imaging Area
(Field of View)
10 x 15 cm
Distance X-Ray Tube -> Imager (Standard)Adjustable, max 48 cm
Distance X-Ray Tube -> Imager (Extended)Adjustable, max 63.5 cm
Throat Depth (i.e. max pipe diameter)51 cm
Acquisition Time1 minute per exposure, Real Time NTSC Video
Data size*1Video 12-15 MB per minute,
Picture 80~150 KB (540 x 960 px)
File formats*1Video: *.avi
Picture: *.jpg
X-Ray Energies (Controller Settings)
kV and mA settings can be controlled independently
Voltage / Current

70kV / 0.3mA – High
55kV / 0.2mA – Medium
40kV / 0.1mA – Low
Directional Beam Collimator~ 18° Horizontal
~ 12° Vertical
Spatial Resolution250 microns
Weight (Complete System – operation setup)10.4 kg
Transport Case Weight (Total)24.6 kg (suitable for local parcel transportation service)
Main Display7” ruggedised Handheld LCD, attachable to system
Optional DisplayPirateye – attached to safety glasses for free hands operation
Optional Recorder Display5” ruggedized Handheld TFT LCD, inclusive wireless receiver and Micro SD Card slot (32GB)
Operating Temperature-29°C to 49°C
Storage Temperature-34°C to 60°C

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