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Radiography Films

FOMA Industrial X-Ray Films

FOMA since 1921


Industrial X-Ray Films from FOMA – professionals in the photographic processing since 1921. Photographic plates and processing chemicals were originally produced under brand FOMA. The factory of FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. keeps manufacturing of black and white photo films (negative and reversal), photographic papers both in multi-grade and fixed grades and different types of processing chemicals.

FOMA films can help you saving costs. Conventional Industrial Radiography has been replaced by other technologies and decreased significantly over the past years. Several suppliers have closed their productions while the remaining suppliers have reduced the production output significantly – while increasing prices. Having an additional supplier will help you to maintain your film supply and allow you to reduce your costs at the same time.



FOMA Industrial X-Ray Films

FOMA offers the full range of industrial X-Ray films. Refer to the table below to compare FOMA INDUX industrial X-Ray films with equivalents from competitors. It also contents information regarding the film class according to JIS K 7627. Detailed information and datasheets are available in the download area.


Comparison with other products and standards:

Indux Film
JIS K 7627ASTM E1815ISO 11699
INDUX R3T1Class 1C2-MD3
INDUX R4T2Class 1C3IX50MX125D4
INDUX R5T2Class 1C4IX80T200D5
INDUX R7 / R7NT3Class 2C5IX100AA400D7
INDUX R8T4Class 3C6IX150CXD8

The industrial X ray film INDUX for non-destructive radiographic inspection is supplied as daylight packing (or darkroom packing upon request).
Daylight packing is presented as a vacuum packing under the name Fomapak with Pb foil, or without. The Pb foils are available in common thicknesses of 0.025mm and 0.1mm, other thickness can be provided on request.


Film Sizes

The films are available in common Japanese standard sizes such as (3-1/3″ x 12” / 8.5 x 30.5cm or 4.5″ x 17” / 11.4 x 43.2cm). Various other dimensions are available or can be produced upon request.
Films are packed in boxes per 50 sheets.


Film Types

The range of classes covers (and exceeds) T1 to T4 according to JIS K 7627. Detailed information and datasheets are available in the download area of our homepage. If you would like to validate the film quality please contact us, we provide you with some testfilms.


Non-standard Films

Apart from the common configurations for the mostly used dimensions and types all other types of Films are available. Some examples below, feel free to contact us for your tailored film requirement.

MultiPack (Sandwich) – vacuum package containing 2 films INDUX with various speeds. Dimensions and speeds of inserted films can be provided according to customer‘s individual requirements.

Daylight packing in a roll under the name FOMADUX ROLLFILM, wound on a paper core in a cardboard dispenser box (with lead foil or without lead foil) and as Bulk Load Roll or Bare Rollfilm.


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