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Our Services

Our services are not limited to the below listed ones. We provide other services for a wide range of applications and situations with special requirements to inspections.
Solutions provided by us are usual tailored to the specific requirements of the solution. Contact us >> if you need a solution for a specific inspection problem.



Corrosion under insulation (also known as CUI) is a widely spread problem in the industry, however not many solutions are available to make inspections cost efficient.
RTD-Incotest® is a fast screening technology, able to detect variations in wall thickness thru insulations, coating and fireproofing concrete or marine growth.

The advantage of RTD-Incotest® allows screening of your asset with no or small preparation during operation to locate critical points of the asset. During maintenance shutdown the engineering can focus on the critical locations detected by RTD-Incotest® cost efficiently.


PIT – Unpiggable Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection (or PIT Inspection) of sub-sea or buried pipelines can be difficult and expensive. Internal inspection can be a solution, however the possibilities are very limited – especially if the pipeline can only be accessed from one side; which is called “an unpiggable pipeline”. With our partner Applus RTD we provide this service.

Pipeline inspection for onshore and offshore pipelines – from inside. Detailed analyse and remaining lifetime calculations, recorded results for future comparisons. PIT inspection adds value to your asset by locate critical areas in your pipeline – to prevent unexpected downtimes and environmental damage.



Rotoscan is an advanced AUT inspection tool for inspection of girth welds in pipelines developed by Applus RTD. It offers high speed scanning with highly reliable detectability and accurate sizing capabilities. The system combines in multiple channels conventional probes with ToFD and/or Phased array probes to ensure a full coverage of the entire weld including heat affected zone. Rotoscan complies with many national and international standards; therefore it is a perfect solution for lay-barges, spool bases and the pipeline business.


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