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International Standards

We support your Inspection Services according to International Standards.

International Standard

Japan is one of the leading countries for exporting boilers, refinery components, pressure vessels and other heavy industry equipment. Usual it is required by the customer to manufacture according to their national codes or internal standards. This applies also for the inspection.

Advantec-IS provides Inspection Services and Manpower with requirements according to EN473, ISO9712, AMSE, ASTM and the German Pressure Vessel Code DGR 97/23EG as well as various other national and international standards.


Advantec-IS having contacts in many overseas NDT companies to provide you with the necessary support for these projects.

  • Welding Inspectors
  • QA/QC Managers
  • RT Technicians
  • UT Technicians
  • PT Technicians
  • MT Technicians
  • AUT Technicians
  • TOFD Technicians
  • Phased Array Technicians
  • ET Technicians
  • Documentation Experts
  • etc.

Technicians will be certified according to the project requirements.


Our support is not limited to the samples and standards above. Contact us for your specific inquiry.


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